Shooting Blocks 2.7: Download free logic games such as Shooting Blocks for your PC.

Shooting Blocks 2.7

For those who are looking for casual games, without spending the high prices for other computer games in the retail stores, free logic games are something worth considering. Shooting Blocks is a free logical game which is ideal for anyone who enjoys brain teasers and solving a challenging and diverse range of puzzles. The first levels are quite easy, but the game quickly becomes more challenging to truly test your skills.

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Adore Puzzle 1.6: It`s a puzzle game for PC, 100% free and safe. No limits at all!

Adore Puzzle 1.6

Adore Puzzle is a free PC game which contains a wonderful photo collection of different European places, so you can go on a fascinating tour without leaving your PC. Beginning the trip from England, step-by-step, you move to the east and get an opportunity to discover new countries, solving more difficult and interesting puzzles. The game is absolutely free and safe. No limits at all!

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Meandr logic game 1: Meandr logic game. Draw a line from one side of the board to other.

Meandr logic game 1

Meandr logic game. Draw a line from one side of the board to other.amazing bingo jackpot wait for bingo and keno. free online games, to play to play, free games for your website.flash games, java games, shockwave games. tons of free online games, funny video clips, fun photo pics, funny jokes, ringtones and more. game frat free online games action games arcade games sports games

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savemario 1.0: motorbike games,popular motorbike games,free motorbike games for kids,awsome mot

savemario 1.0

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Logic reactor 08.05: Logic sticks online game

Logic reactor 08.05

Logic cube! Starts out pretty easy, then gets extremely difficult around Level 15. Saves your game from where you Best and hottest logic puzzles, only free flash games. New hottest logic games, all online games are free downloads. Puzzle sudoku, pirate puzzle Play new Logic games online, Full Logic games download for PC. Free best Logic games demo downloads. Links to online games, puzzles, and quizzes. Lewis Carroll`s Logic Game is all but forgotten

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Rome Puzzle 1.0: Rome Puzzle is a completely free logic game set in Ancient Rome.

Rome Puzzle 1.0

Rome Puzzle is a completely free logic game for those who love free, casual games to unwind with. With no less the 100 levels, the game provides hours of entertainment. As the name suggests, this free logic game has an Ancient Rome theme, giving you the opportunity to feel the spirit of the culture by reconstructing and restoring ancient monuments. Combined with top quality graphics can music, the game will certainly keep you busy!

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Addin Sudoku Extend 1.60: This module contains 7 extra boards for the Sudoku Extend game.

Addin Sudoku Extend 1.60

This module contains 7 extra boards for the Sudoku Extend game, represented on our site: Besides this module contains game blocks which can be used in most of our games. Game blocks are intended for screen resolution 1280*1024 and more. The additions to logical games can be installed only at installed game programs.

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GameShell 3.28: The new version of a game shell LoG for customization of logical games.

GameShell 3.28

for customization of logical games. The program allows to adjust appearance of games: to select the colour and sound schemes, to install new sets of game blocks. The program allows to make fast start and installation of games, to look through the brief summary of yet not installed games. The game shell can be installed at presence of installed games (necessarily registered), and separately. If the logical games are already installed, install this

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Online guitar 005: Oline guitar machine. Use this game for record and plaing guitar sound

Online guitar 005

for guitarmers and guitar editor. Free music flash games note, piano, guitar, drums Music piano and guitar online flash games. Piano music machine free online game you can compose melody and play it. Try compose melody. This is very easy. Free flash games Puzzles, logic and mind online flash games. Sonic kids game. Find a way to priz. ear training Guitar chords machine with sound. Cards online games. If you were thinking about getting into playing

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Platinum Collection 4.00: Platinum Collection contains 7 wonderful games.

Platinum Collection 4.00

games at the price of one. The collection contains 7 the most popular games. Four games: Lines Push, Sudoku Extend, Matryoshka, ClearDnU are for desk top PC and operate under Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/VISTA(all)/Win 7(all). Remaining three games: Sudoku Extend PPC, Lines Killer and Romeo and Juliet are for PPC and operate under Windows Mobile 2003/2003 SE/5/6. All programs have Trialware licence, therefore you can estimate their quality. At the price

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